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GNOSES Sailing Charters:

Here's a different option... A sailing adventure experience

Most of our charters are in Gwaii Haanas: read on, below

... but we also spend a lot of time, and have adventures in the 

Great Bear Rainforest, on the central mainland coast of BC.

Along with our scheduled and regular custom trips (links below) we will be offering 3 of our exclusive custom trips again in 2022 (1 remains)

In 2022 we have room in May; we are booked for the remainder of the year.

The trips are an exclusive offering with the following objectives: every day begun and ended with opportunistic objectives made by all of us as conditions suggest. Maybe see waves, maybe whales. Maybe sea lions, or sea-stars. Sometimes there will be village site visits, sometimes low tide rambles. Paddling the coast-line or walking a mountain. Please be prepared for variety. Bring your enthusiasm, we’ll show you the most interesting that we know of and you’ll be repaid in kind.

There will be a limited number spaces for these voyages. Trips will be run with a maximum of approximately 4 (3-5) people to make things personable (exclusive). Take the trip for yourselves-- make it as exclusive as you want; bring your family or another couple and include them, if you prefer.

We will tailor specific dates to your trip. Trip lengths will be 8-10 days, again depending on your specific requirements.

The cost for these trips is dependent on your specific expectations. An approximate total cost for 4 people for 8 days is $9,800.00 plus tax. For 2022, parks entry fees are $125.50 per adult for a season's pass (seniors $104.50 and under 17 years old enter for free). 

As with all of our trips, we supply the food, provided there are not special dietary requirements.


For the record: we spend less money on the web page, more time on people and the adventures we offer them-- you. 


Here's the pitch:

We offer interactive, participatory sailing adventures in the waters of Gwaii Haanas Park, Haida Gwaii/ Queen Charlotte Islands. We also offer destinations elsewhere on the islands and we also spend a lot of time in the Great Bear Rainforest on the central coast of BC. Please ask.

We cater especially to kids and families, and those with outdoor enthusiasm.


Help and learn to sail, paddle ashore, explore a beach, see a village site and hear the Haida Gwaii Watchmen explain their heritage, or hike a wilderness mountain for the view. See what there is to see. Feel the rain and the waves. Delve into the environment while traveling by sailboat.

Be a part of the wilderness scene.


The sailboat is a 40' ketch—"GNOSES"—our home. We sail when conditions permit; there is a reliable diesel engine for contrary winds, calms and deadlines. We have been most places on the coast, Mexico to Alaska and offshore to Hawaii. I am a licensed Canadian captain, with 46 years of sailing experience all along the Pacific coast, the last 34 mostly in Central Coast and Haida Gwaii waters. SV GNOSES exceeds Transport Canada safety requirements; we are fully licensed.

You don't need sailing experience to join us.


We speak a bit of Spanish, Hablan un pocito Espanol; and have studied German enough to be able to boast rudimentary fluency—Wir sprechen auch Deutsch.



We have two basic types of trips:


      CUSTOM ADVENTURES                               or                              SCHEDULED TRIPS.




More of the Pitch, Pros and Cons; what to Expect and what to Bring:


Experience living on the sea. Spend the days in exploration of Haida village sites, coves, shorelines at low tide or inland walks to lakes and views. Spend the nights aboard in comfort. There are 2 small-boat bunks and a forward "V" berth. There are comfortable bunks aboard for 4 guests, more if small children can share—we have a large forward berth.

We use kayaks to get ashore: paddle close to shorelines and explore where the sailboat can't, then climb back aboard to eat and sleep. Sail on to more adventure and another kayaking destination the next day.

All tours include meals, mostly organic when possible (we make an exception for the dietary restricted, when we ask you bring your own).

There are advantages to our small operation: we are flexible in all aspects of your trip. Tell us what you want to see or experience and we will do our best to accommodate you. Our trips cost less than other tours because the boat is our home and we try and stress the beauty of the islands not the luxury of our boat. When you come with us the prices we quote are for the whole boat and are based on families and 2-couple tours.

A disadvantage: because we are a small family operated business with low prices, we tend to get booked up early. Also the boat is not so luxurious, though it is comfortable enough.

SV GNOSES (our boat) is our home and is comfortable for us and 4 others, though we are licensed to carry 12 (we sometimes take larger camping trips). Often we take only a couple. Our tours are participatory; we think of this as a benefit to us and an opportunity for you.

Expect to learn something about the sea: from navigating boats to what lives below the waves. There is rich history to the shore as we slowly pass it by. There are stories and legends to everything—the seas and the forests alike and especially when we wander through old village sites. We may see whales at times and there will likely be weather squalls and if clear, mountains to hike and views to see (all our hikes are off the beaten trackthere are no trails in the Park). We like to think we offer a greater depth of experience, with more time involved in the environment, ashore and at sea. We enjoy taking kids for their enthusiasm, you will be welcome for the same reason. Give us your interest and we’ll offer you adventure and unparalleled experiences.

There is always something to do and see.

You will need to bring clothes (don’t forget the rain-gear and a sleeping bag) and special foods you might need or want. And realizing it sounds trite (but it is true), you will take home the wealth of a special wilderness experience.

Sorry, but Hawaii sailing trips are no longer offered due to changes in international regulatory and security regimes.

We are a member of the Gwaii Haanas Tour Operator's Association.


Help and learn to sail, paddle ashore, explore a beach, see a village site and hear the Haida Gwaii Watchmen explain their heritage, or hike a wilderness mountain for the view. See what there is to see. Feel the rain and the waves. Delve into the environment while traveling by sailboat.

Be a part of the wilderness scene.

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